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Hello, my first name is distance...

and I really don't care if I ever wake up again!!!

22 June
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1. [jennifer?] - Name
2. [19] - Age
3. [Ohio?] - Location
4. [Taken by the boy across the street : .+ caLvIn+.] - Status
5. [Fave song of the moment?] - "Superman" - Goldfinger
6. [shut it?] - Overused phrase
7. [eh?] - Employed
8. [Black, Red?] - Favorite Color(s)
9. [Too many to name, refer to interests?] - Favorite Band(s)
10. [5 holes in my left ear, 4 in my right and frog tattoo on left hip?] - any piercings or tattoos

Im scared of clowns and leprechauns. I hate thunderstorms. Hospitals creep me out.

+I'm in L O V E+

yea, thats all. if you got questions, you can ask.