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ho ho ho

Chocolate milk is so good.
Y u m.

I can not wait until Thanksgiving. I LOVE mashed potatos. And turkey dipped in Italian dressing. Mmmmmmmmm. I can deal w/o 2938547392 family members crammed into 1 room at a big table but you know...the mashed potatos are worth it.

Christmas shopping is so much fun. Especially having a boyfriend who is SO EASY to shop for. I want to get my picture taken with SANTA and I want BeckIE to come with me. He starts at Chapel Hill mall today weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I'm going back to sleep.
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We shall go get our pics taken with Santeeeee.

When?!?! My work schedule is always in the journal, ya know. Just tell me when you're free. (even though I haven't paid *winkwink*)

LoL, me so funny.

I miSS YoU!!