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2 more days!

I can't wait until Thursday!! I get to spend Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his awesome family. Seriously, they are amazing people. ( His )Mommy is so sweet and totally hilarious. She picks on us all the time and says how all Calvin and I are going to have in our house is taco bell and Spaghetti along w/ our DQ Blizzards. She calls me daughter-in-law. Grandpa is the most sarcastic/smartass person that I know and I love him for it. He calls me sweetie and he made me a monkey out of beads! And of course, Amanda. She is my little sissy. I adore her. She is always making me laugh. Haha, she calls me Jennyfer. So yea, I'm totally excited about spending a Holiday with them!

Christmas is a month from today and I really need to do more shopping. A lot of people around here already have their Christmas lights on. I think Thanksgiving night is the EARLIEST that you should turn them on. But, that is my opinion.

I wish that it would snow already. I really, really want to go up to the water tower and go sled riding. So Much Fun!

Welp, that is about it for me. I want some hot chocolate...

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